Ijy (Isabella Jane) was two in '08, so to celebrate, her Grampa made her a a chair just her size.
Its strange that the only chair he ever made is one with two legs, but that's Ijy's family for ya.
The wood is Black Cherry from a tree knocked down near the farm here by Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

It remained, neglected, in a neighbors basement for years. Cleaning out his basement one day
he gave it to Grampa, who kept it for years thinking he might never find a use for the badly
checked and warped boards. Just for fun he cut some and saw the highly stressed wood, and
enough usable at least for Ijy's chair.

So with a solemn and respectful bow toward the New Hope Pennsylvania of the late George Nakashima,
and his daughter Mira who, when I showed her a photo, understood my inspiration by her father and
the connection among all of us who make things out of whatever material fires our imagination and
gets us going, here is the O'Connoid chair, half-size for Ijy.

The seat is 11" X 14" and 11 and quarter inches from the floor.

The O'Connoid - Ijy's Chair
North Carolina Cherry from the Glencarraig Tree
Overall 21"H x 14"W x 13"D - $1,160

Built from 15 individually fabricated wooden parts.

An example below of a "live" edge displaying the cambium layer, and
the trails of tiny worms who made their living just under the bark.
This is the last living tissue of the tree.